5 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Best Dogs Ever!

Posted By on Aug 18, 2015 |

beBeagles are not only cute, they are wonderful dogs; therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by the vast number of people who choose to get a beagle for their family.  Beagles are medium-sized dogs, and their short hair doesn’t require much maintenance.  They are great with children, as well as with other people and other pets.  They are incredibly curious, and if you want an active dog you should choose a beagle!  But let’s consider some of the main reasons why beagles are greatest dogs, greatest companions and friends.

1.Beagles Are Great With Kids

If you want a dog for your family, especially families with children should consider getting a beagle.  Beagles are energetic and very playful.  Being that the beagles have been created as a hunting breed, they can play in the backyard with you and your children for hours.

2.Beagles Are Curious

Beagles are lively and curious dogs, that generally like to explore the world, smell everything and run around like crazy!  They are extremely fun to have around, and will treat you with every prey they find.  They are notorious for bringing their prey to their owners in order to show affection and devotion.


3.Beagles Make Friends With Basically Everybody


If you want a dog that is friendly with people as well as with other animals, you should get the beagle.  These dogs enjoy the company of other people, as well as other dogs and other animals in general.  This is precisely why they are not the best guard dogs in the world.  They have a strong sense of smell; since today are scent hounds, but they are much too friendly and open even with strangers.

4.Beagles Are OK To Stay Home Alone

Beagles are friendly and fun dogs that don’t mind staying home alone.  It is highly unlikely that your beagle will be sad are suffering when you go to work.  However, do expect that you will find your home in a complete mess when you get back. Your beagle might use up this time in order to explore and investigate everything and anything in your home, including trash, unattended food and anything that smells good.


5.Beagles Will Teach You How To Enjoy Life

If you want a dog that you can housetrain, our dog that will obey you and follow you, you may not want to get a beagle puppy.  These dogs will lead a life of their own even when they consider you the leader of the pack.  But on the other hand, beagles will teach you how to enjoy life, how to explore everything and get excited about anything.  Their love of food and the little things that make them happy will show you how you can achieve happiness in this world.