Know what’s new on men’s fashion radar

Posted By on Oct 27, 2016 |

Turtlenecks are back in the men’s fashion radar, thanks to Steve Jobs who is as famous for his turtlenecks as well as for his Apple gadgets. This sudden surge in the popularity of turtlenecks could be the world of fashion’s way of paying homage to this iconic father of the iage.

The turtleneck for this season comes in a great deal of style and variations to accommodate every type of male physique as well as personal preference. It can be as classy as you want it to and as casual as the occasion calls for. It is also an ideal piece of clothing for layering. Wear it in lieu of a shirt and tie under a jacket and you will be as snug and comfy this fall season while exuding a real cool style.

The European look
If you want to rock a Parisian look, wear a dark turtleneck under a dark sports coat or blazer in midnight blue or black or slate gray. You can even wear this layered combination with white jeans to really be trendy and fashionable. Blazers or sports coat in heavy tweed or wool will be a perfect balance to a lightweight turtleneck to exude a dressy yet casual elegance.

The tough guy look
A turtleneck has always been associated with tough guys. Surprising how such an intellectual guy as Steve Jobs comes to make it his own personal fashion statement. But a turtleneck does exude that tough guy vibe when paired with the right clothing items. And the best way to achieve this tough guy look is by wearing a turtleneck under a black leather biker’s jacket paired with slim dark wash jeans. This look is very reminiscent of the “Rebel Without a Cause,” the cultural icon of the 50s, James Dean.

The California look
A cool California look would be colorful turtleneck, red or orange will do the trick, worn under a denim jacket paired with chinos. This is a truly cool and stylish look and the key to this look is the denim jacket. The bright red or orange turtleneck or a customized t shirt will liven up the rather bland texture of denims and the chinos will complete that cool California look. Photo